Cosplay Tip of the Week #1:

To decrease the shine in cheap wigs and to tame tangles, help straighten out curly wigs and take care of a part sticking up that you can't heat iron down and to wash your frequently worn wigs, soak your wig in a water/ fabric softener solution.

This is the way I do mine:

~1 top of fabric softener

~Dissolve in lukewarm water

~Submerge your wig gently

~Don't stir but make sure wig stays under the water

Tip: I do this in my shower/bathroom to avoid spilling water, having to move it or any such accidents.

~Soak for 3-5 days.

~Hang neatly and let air dry after pulling from mixture.

I will then clip it/ hang it on my shower organizer (you can use the shower head or any kind of suction clip if you wish). This allows the water to drip without issue as well as have an area it won't be disturbed continually.

~When the wig is completely dry, Use hair detangler and slowly use a fine tooth comb to comb it out.

(Don't use a brush if you can help it for this step! It will help the neatness and longevity of your wig in the long run!)

My materials:

Yes, I use kids detangler! It's gentle and smells great!

Do NOT brush the wig out when wet! You will destroy the wig fibers and ruin your wig!

I also allow my hair detangler to soak in and dry before brushing them out!

This is a quick (one week) trick to making your wig look better, smell better, last longer and prevent spending $$$ on a new one!

Examples of this method are my Pyrrha Wig and every wig after! I learned it early and still use it on EVERY wig I have!

I hope this has been helpful!

See you next week for your Cosplay Tip of the Week!


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