So what exactly do we do?

We do a lot of things:

We create custom cosplay outfits and props.

3D printing

Voice Acting



Creation and performance of music

We review anime, manga and video games

Create tutorials and blogs

Summary of the story:

We love to create things!

If you are curious if we can do something, contact us!


Our Gear:

We 3D print on PowerSpec Ultra 3D and a PowerSpec 3D Pro (Print size: 8.9x5.7x5.9)

Camera Gear:

Canon C100 MkII and a modded Nikon D7000 (at 64bit)

10 foot Jib

Incandescent Light System

Green Screen


Audio: ZOOM H4N and Condenser Mics


Drum Machine: Native Instruments Maschine Mikro